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Here you can shop test tubes and the entire range of test tube accessories.
Test tubes for events and celebrations.
Test tubes for hobbyists, florists, and artisans.
Test tubes for laboratories and kitchens...
Browse our shop and you will find the perfect test tubes for your ideas!

Test tubes are always delivered in their original packaging.

Our test tubes are exclusively made in Germany, just for us.
Made in Germany!
The SCHWEFELFADEN® Brand stands for a consistently superior quality.

We only sell new, unused products. Our test tubes are lead-free, and packed and delivered under strict hygienic conditions.
The test tubes are made of absolutely transparent glass, and they come unprinted.
All our test tubes are sterilizable.
All items are available from stock. We ship within one or two working days upon receipt of payment.

Delivery to private customers, agencies, institutes, laboratories, hospitals, companies, artisans, craftsmen, traders,
pharmacies, drugstores, florists, retail shops, restaurants, event agencies, hotels, clubs and associations, foundations,
kindergartens, schools, high schools, universities, public or governmental bodies, etc...


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